Since its founding in 1993, BH Management has developed a comprehensive service structure to ensure the needs of its clients and their assets are served. Through our service departments, we are able to make use of the newest ideas, latest technologies, and provide a specific set of tools to meet and exceed our clients expectations. Following is a brief description of BH Management’s structure and how our departments work both independently and as a team to maximize each asset’s potential.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management department provides our clients the ability to obtain the most favorable terms available for a wide variety of goods and services including, but not limited to, maintenance supplies, debt collection, laundry, and broadband services.


BH's educated and experienced team of professional and paraprofessional accountants work with the latest multifamily software and accounting platforms to provide accurate, timely and informative reports to owners and partners. Standard and customized reports and analyses provide complete financial information and detail and timeliness that leads the industry.


By staying abreast of industry trends and providing support that includes design and production of advertising materials, development of leasing and retention programs, and supervision of BH’s customer service programs, our Marketing Group provides each community with a customized marketing plan that addresses its unique needs.


Our Regional Managers are the first line of support for our on-site teams. In conjunction with the corporate Operations staff, they provide teams in the field with the resources and support they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Information Technology

Our IT department is exceptionally responsive to its internal and external users. By maximizing the latest available technologies, IT provides our assets with the software, programming, and service needed to operate at their maximum potential.

Human Resources

BH's Human Resources Department’s thorough screening process, extensive training curriculum, and generous benefit offerings enables BH to recruit and retain highly qualified, committed employees.


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