The Pabst Building was constructed in 1911 as a bottling and distribution plant for the expanding enterprises of the Pabst Brewing Company. Gustave Pabst originally purchased the property in 1907 for $5,800 and thereafter erected the building for $80,000 a few years later. Pabst also built the neighboring two-story building, now known as the Pendergast Building, as an office. Pabst sold both of the buildings to P.H. McCrory, ally of local political boss Tom Pendergast, in 1920. Under McCrory’s ownership, the original two-story Pabst Building grew to four stories with the construction of a full two-story addition in 1924, designed by architect Frank H. Smith of Dayton, Ohio. McCrory leased the Pabst building to another brewer, the Theodore Hamm Company, during the 1920’s. During this period, the neighboring building was leased to the eponymous Pendergast Distilling Company. While the public face of the Pendergast Distilling Company sold near-beer and bottled water during prohibition, it was rumoured that Pendergast also ran an elaborate bootleg liquor operation from this location.

The Crossroads Hotel, with a nod to the historic legacy the two buildings currently possess, will offer an upscale experience with tailor-made services in memorable surroundings, without the high operating costs associated with the pre-formulated standards of traditional luxury brands. The Crossroads Hotel will be dedicated to creating an unforgettable, high quality experience for guests and visitors. At the same time, it will help to serve as a hub of the neighborhood for residents and travelers in search of an authentic experience. The full service offering will include a prominent restaurant that promises to bring authentic Italian steaks and pasta to Kansas City. The lobby will span the front of the building and be a place for guests and locals to socialize, relax, and jumpstart their night before venturing into the Crossroads. A 3,000 square foot ballroom will celebrate the building’s architecture with adjacent meeting rooms that will entice local creative corporate types to host meetings and events. On the expansive rooftop terrace, hotel guests and locals will experience an unforgettable view of the Kansas City skyline while enjoying light hearted fun and games.

The Crossroads Hotel Concept and Design Ideas

The Pendergast Building will feature the main restaurant of The Crossroads Hotel. In a building with an abundance of character and old world charm, the flagship dinner-only restaurant will feel like it has always been there. An ode to mid-century red sauce and Italian steakhouse concept, the restaurant will bring life, energy, volume, and style to the hotel. It will be a place where one would go to experience reinvented classics at a quality level equal to the pinnacle of the food offerings in the market. The renovated Pabst Building will feel like walking into a bar, lounge and restaurant where one could spend all day. From locally roasted coffee in comfortable surroundings by day, to spontaneous gatherings for drinks and food in the evenings, this thoughtfully designed space at the forefront of the hotel will always feel inviting. The offerings will include an inspired cocktail program, locally brewed beers, and casual yet inventive fare from an open-hearth pizza oven and antipasto bar. The Crossroads Hotel will be the central hub for the Crossroads District and the downtown area.

Rooms and Suites

The first floor lobby area serves as a buzzing hub for the Crossroads neighborhood, designed with an alluring and inviting environment in mind that attracts both guests and locals. Housed in the former stagecoach loading dock, raw beauty and exposure to natural light through the loading dock doors creates an ideal sense of arrival which spills into the bar and dining areas. Guests travel through the lobby and are greeted at a reception desk housed in an open atrium with exposed structure and beaming natural light. Meeting and ballroom spaces flank the atrium allowing a truly connected feel to the rest of the hotel.

The three upper floors of the renovated building will be dedicated to hotel rooms. Guests will exit the elevators and travel through an existing elevator shaft that has been opened up to allow light to enter from above. Guestroom corridors emulate the feeling of being in a warehouse space with ample width and wood clad floors and ceilings. The total key count of 132 rooms will include seven beautifully designed junior suites and two generous one bedroom suites. Typical guest rooms, comfortably sized at an average of 350 square feet, vary architecturally but are informed by pre-existing structures and celebrate the historic building’s unique character. The modish design is rooted in an “old world” sensibility and accented by the simplicity that Kansas Citians are known to appreciate. In each room, functionality is also at the heart of design considerations. The entry foyer has been innovatively designed to function as a dressing space with inherent connectivity to the guest bathroom.

Rooftop Biergarten

The hand crafted culture continues to thrive on the rooftop of the Crossroads Hotel. Serving light fare and libations alongside outdoor games, the rooftop will be an active source of leisure in the spring, summer and early fall months. Great opportunities for interaction among guests and neighbors is created with communal seating in the biergarten-inspired venue with a view.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City has long been regarded as a major business hub in the Midwest. Its central location makes it a logistics and distribution center. The low cost and high quality of living make it very attractive for corporations and small businesses. As the 29th largest region in the nation, and home to over 2.1 million residents, Kansas City continues to grow year after year. As the first Google Fiber community in the nation, Google Fiber gave rise to the Kansas City Start-Up Village, located just minutes south of the Crossroads, attracting innovators and visitors from around the world to its entrepreneurial hamlet. In three years, the village has hosted 43 start-ups, raising $19 million in investment capital, 10 of which have outgrown the village to find larger office space for expanding headcounts.

A long-standing commitment from the city’s Economic Development Council to provide tax incentives to developers has spurred a surge of new development. Apartment developers added more than 7,000 units in the past decade, and like many other urban centers, downtown Kansas City owes a large share of its residential revitalization to the millennial generation’s penchant for city living. This demographic group, ages 25-34, makes up 25% of downtown’s population and are many of the people who spend their time in the Crossroads. The region’s unemployment rate is just 4.4% and hasn’t been this low since July 2007, before the Great Recession began. Job creation is expected to further increase to 25,600 jobs in 2016 and 26,000 in 2017.

Kansas City offers a sustainable combination of corporate, leisure, and group demand for hotel rooms. In addition to the convention center, which generates more than 300,000 room nights per year, Kansas City has a strong corporate presence from such Fortune 500 companies as Ford Motor Company, Sprint/Nextel, H&R Block, Honeywell, and Hallmark. The City offers tremendous leisure options including the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs professional sport teams. Both the Kaufman Center for Performing Arts and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art offers arts patrons and visitors wonderful opportunities, and the Country Club Plaza is home to numerous upscale stores and restaurants and is a showplace for locals and visitors to Kansas City.

Kansas City has won numerous accolades in the press including “American’s Best BBQ” from Time Magazine, “The Top Ten Cities for Creatives” from Huffington Post, “The 9 Best Cities for Jobs” from CBS News, and “America’s Leading Design Cities” from The Atlantic. Offering a warm Midwestern feel, coupled with tremendous growth and opportunity, the Kansas City market will be a wonderful place for The Crossroads Hotel to thrive.

The building for The Crossroads Hotel is located in the center of the Crossroads Arts District, minutes from downtown Kansas City. The Crossroads is currently one of the fastest growing and most interesting sections of the city, with restaurants and galleries opening throughout the area, as well as creative office space for start-ups, arts and tech firms. Art galleries generally open new shows on the first Friday of each month from 6 to 9 pm. This has become one of the region's most popular events as thousands of people flock to the Crossroads for gallery "open houses" amidst the Crossroads unique atmosphere. In warm months, there are often a number of outdoor bands and performers. Occasionally, outdoor indie films are played. There are more than 60 galleries in the Crossroads district, making it one of the five largest Arts districts in the US. The Crossroads Music Festival, started in August 2005, is an annual event organized by Spice of Life Productions, which features local music artists. In addition to concert performances, offerings include short films by local independent filmmakers and booths offering apparel by local designers, local independent print media, and carnival games.

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