The purpose of this Confidential Investment Offering Overview is to provide a summary of a possible future private investment opportunity that may be made available to a certain limited number of accredited investors.  This is not an offer to sell real estate and/or any type of security, partnership interest, public or otherwise.

In early 2016, our Investors were provided the opportunity to invest in a newly built Sugar Factory location in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Sugar Factory is a Las Vegas based retail and restaurant concept developed by some of the most successful nightlife industry veterans in Las Vegas. Their colorful stores and restaurants are a sugar addict’s dream and the concept has been expanding rapidly around the entire world. The majority of their locations are Sugar Factory American Brasseries. These restaurants feature a menu created by a Michelin award winning chef and treat guests to a one-of-a-kind dining experience, serving decadent and tasty fare to satisfy sweet and savory cravings. The celebrated eatery is well known for its 36-ounce alcohol-infused smoking candy goblets such as the Lollipop Passion infused with coconut, pineapple and melon flavors, adorned with candy necklaces and swirly lollipops. The eatery’s exclusive Chocolate Lounge acts as an intimate alcove set to deliver the ultimate experience to patrons interested in fondue, wine, champagne and liquor pairings.

The Las Vegas location will appeal to every visitor to Las Vegas, over 40 million total in 2014, and will be seen by most of them. The restaurant currently under construction is an 18,000-square foot restaurant, bar, and lounge that will serve as the worldwide flagship Sugar Factory American Brasserie. It is located on the ground floor of the Fashion Show Mall, the largest shopping center in Nevada at over 2 million square feet, and one of the highest revenue producing shopping centers in the world. The Sugar Factory location will be directly on The Strip, with frontage facing the Wynn resort. This luxurious restaurant and lounge will appeal to every age demographic traveling to Las Vegas and offer them the fun and exciting atmosphere people travel to Vegas for. Helmed by Michelin award winning chef, Christophe Bonnegrace, the incredible food the Sugar Factory offers will continue to bring back diners over and over again for an experience they will never forget.

We have recently been advised by our partners at Sugar Factory that the scope of the restaurant has increased in several exciting ways. They were successful in receiving variances to add an additional 40 seats on the second level daiquiri bar, two additional seating areas on the second level across from the mall entrance to add 80 seats, and an indoor/outdoor bar on the ground level which will help bring in patrons to the patio, bar and restaurant. Finally, approval was granted from the mall to build a one of a kind Sugar Factory “Candy Lane” attraction on the second level overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. This attraction is geared to drive tourists and locals to the venue in addition to greater signage. When completed, the restaurant will have 345 seats.

The Sugar Factory excels at the marketing of their stores and products. Celebrities from Britney Spears to the Kardashian Family all have specialty Sugar Factory products and through the power of social media are able to be the best spokespeople for the Sugar Factory stores. When a Sugar Factory opening occurs, most likely with celebrities in attendance, thousands of people line the red carpet for a glimpse of the stars and to have a taste of what so many customers are raving about. With locations so far in Manhattan, Miami, Chicago, and Washington D.C., and locations under construction throughout the world, customers are highly anticipating each new opening and bringing their family and friends to enjoy the fun. Each Sugar Factory location is a visual feast and is both glamorous and comfortable. Customers have been known to wait up to three hours for a table in some locations and bring back family and friends to enjoy the surroundings and delicious food. It is the perfect place for a birthday party, bachelorette celebration, or even an engagement.

The first Sugar Factory location opened in the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas in 2009 as a retail store and several years later as a full restaurant and lounge in the Paris Hotel on the strip. Due to its immense success and strong brand image, the Sugar Factory team is ready to open their largest location yet in the epicenter of the north end of the Strip, the Fashion Show Mall, across from the Wynn and Encore resorts (4,750 rooms), as well as the Palazzo (3,068 rooms), Treasure Island (2,884 rooms), and the currently under construction 3,500 room Resorts World Hotel.

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