Chicken Investors

Chicken Investors LLC is an investment in the Ampler Restaurant Group. Founded in 2016, Ampler is a quick service restaurant (QSR) platform that owns 347 restaurants made up of Burger King (81), Church’s Chicken (71), Little Caesars (111), and Taco Bell (84). The rapidly expanding company was awarded the 2019 Burger King Developer of the Year as well as the 2019 Church’s Chicken Franchise Growth Award. Ampler plans to continue their growth trajectory with a target of owning close to 1,000 restaurants by 2025, with a robust pipeline of stores across the four brands.

Since 2016, the team at Ampler and their financial partners have invested millions of dollars in purchasing their 347 restaurants and improving management and renovating tired stores. As a result, stores owned by Ampler have shown substantial improvement and profits. Additionally, by investing in four separate brands, their investment is diversified and reduces risk associated with just owning one brand.

QSR’s have historically outperformed in a recessionary environment. People are looking for more affordable ways to feed their families. Our team believes QSR’s are a smart place to invest and with an experienced management team and profitable stores.

This investment was made in June 2020.